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The ETH-DUO Roof Top unit combines the operation of two different units: one in service to the dining room and the other in service to the kitchen room.

For the dining room the air treatment happens with a mixture of external air and recirculated air by a probe that measures air quality and defines the percentage of renewal.

For the kitchen isn’t allowed any type of recirculation, the unit works only with external air, while the stale air exhaust is through the kitchen hoods.

Some of the many advantages of this type of installation are:

  • reduction of initial costs: a single unit instead of two separate
  • reduction of installation costs: water connections and unique aeraulic
  • 3 years warranty on materials and labor
  • any routine maintenance contracts and extraordinary

Moreover, the unit is able to independently produce hot water.

Patented utility model N° 202018000001993.

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