ET 63 – 140 / ET 160 – 980

USE: Wellness Centers, Spas

AIRFLOW RATE: ET – from 600 to 900 m3/h

ET – from 1.400 to 8.000 m3/h (depending on the model)

CAPACITY: ET – from 2 to 3 kW

ET – from 5 to 24 kW

Serie:  ET160 – 980 / ET 96 / ET 63 – 100 / ET 140

The fixed dehumidifiers of the ET International series, are high performance units that can be used in several applications. They are particularly suitable for the pool areas dehumidification because they are designed to resist to chlorine corrosion. They feature a high efficiency polyurethane filter, washable and easily replaceable, with the possibility of direct discharge or with the installation of an optional condensation lifting pump, that allows to bring the condensation to a 3,5 m heigh from the unit positioning level. These dehumidifiers can be provided for heating, with electric resistors or water coils. The elegant design can make them particularly suited to be insalled in special places like libraries or offices.



USE: Fitness Centers

AIRFLOW RATE: RSTT e RSTF – from 3.300 to 40.000 m3/h

CAPACITY: RSTT – from 26 to 310 kW

RSTF – from 25 to 127 kW


The RSTT and RSTF series units have been designed to ensure high performance heat recovery by combining a static heat recovery unit and a refrigerant circuit (heat pump) within the same air-handling unit. The static heat exchanger (heat pipes on the RSTT and cross-flow on the RSTF) transfers heat from the exhaust air to the fresh inlet air, thus significantly reducing the time refrigerant circuit needs to operate throughout the year, bringing a significant advantage in terms of energy savings. These air-handling units represent the ideal solution for satisfying temperature-humidity comfort and fresh air requirements in air-conditioning systems operating in civil, industrial and service environments.



USE: Public Pools, Water Parks and Olympic Pools

AIRFLOW RATE: DTP mini – da 1.000 a 2.500 m3/h

DTP – da 2.800 a 32.000 m3/h

SPO / SPV – da 7.500 a 9.000 m3/h

CAPACITY: DTP mini – da 6 a 13 kW

DTP – da 22 a 156 kW

SPO / SPV – da 6 a 44 kW

Serie:  DTP/DTP miniSPO/SPV

The SPV, SPO, DTP and DTP-mini dual flow refrigerant air dehumidifiers satisfy the specific needs of indoor pools, creating temperature and humidity conditions that ensure a good level of comfort for users and protect the building structure against possible damage.
Thanks to the range of offer, these air dehumidifiers can satisfy every user, from the small SPA to the residential indoor pool, up to the biggest water parks.

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